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How to run a successful 11.11

SEA has become the latest Digital Commerce battleground and is racing at full velocity to reach US$1T by 2030 due to a young population, rapid smartphone usage and urbanization, and a burgeoning middle class. The continued rise of marketplaces or selling online seems to have no limits so how to seize opportunities and run successful operations


What is the scale of 11.11 across China and SEA?


Started in China in the 1990s because of the repetition of number 1 on the date, Single’s day has notched highs closing the event with more than US$84 billion in GMV with 900 million consumers

11.11 At scale in Southeast asia and china



How does 11.11 differ from Prime day, BF & CM?


how does 11.11 differ from prime day, black friday and Cyber monday


How big is the opportunity for Brands? 


The number of internet users in Southeast Asia will grow 3.1% year over year in 2022, making it the second fastest-growing region in the world.

how big is 11.11 for brands in southeast asia


Why Mega Sales drive new product discovery?


The ease of COVID-19 restrictions and the consistent growth of digital commerce have supercharged consumers’ omnichannel behavior. Marketplaces have educated users to buy during pegged date event sales like 1.1, 2.2 … 11.11, 12.12


why mega sales drive product discovery


How do you run successful Operations for 11.11? 

how to you run 11.11 successful operations in southeast asia


So be prepared, be bold, be nimble and agile, and reach out iQuest Asia to know more and build the right strategy for 2023!